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Hyper Chewz Eva Bumpy Ball green

Bounces by its unique shape in all directions!
€ 12,25

Dog Rocks against urin spots lawn

To prevent urine spots from pets in your lawn!
€ 17,80

Hyper Doggy Tail

The toy that vibrates, shakes and barks.Hours of fun for your dog.
€ 32,50

Dog Play Tail Teaser w/Refill

The Tail Teasers exercise toy is made with a single piece of rope that covers the entire flexible pole. 
€ 23,75

Bella Bowl Skelleton Design Metallic Ocean Blue X-Smal 284ml

€ 5,55

Hyper Flying Duck

Unique fetch toy for your dog!Launching and retrieving.
€ 22,50

Hyper K-9 Kannon

The new play sensation from USA.Shoot the tennisball now easy to more than 20 meters.
€ 59,50

Bella Spill-Proof Cat Mat

When your cat spills with food or drink, this is your solution.
€ 11,45

Squeak Mat Ricky Raccoon 13x Squeak

12 Squeakers and a grunt!
€ 33,80

Hyper Doggy Bag

The perfect play toy that wiggles, shakes and barks. Hours of fun for your dog
€ 24,95

Hyper Wildlife Critters Duck Large

Realistich plush toy that squeaks when the dog bites in there
€ 16,95
Dog Mosquito

Bodyguard ELEGANT bed Black

The top of the Elegant Bed gives your dog optimal protection by the special impregnated INSECT BODYGUARD. When your dog lays on the Elegant Bed, the ticks, fleas, mites, mosquitoes, etc. that get in contact with the bed will be knocked down.
€ 59,50