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Bite Stop Cream (Bitrex+Capsicum)

A clear colourless cream for application on mane, tail, wooden doors, rugs and bandages to deter chewing and grawing.
€ 17,50
Dog Mosquito

Bodyguard ELEGANT bed Brown

The top of the Elegant Bed gives your dog optimal protection by the special impregnated INSECT BODYGUARD. When your dog lays on the Elegant Bed, the ticks, fleas, mites, mosquitoes, etc. that get in contact with the bed will be knocked down.
€ 59,50

Chuckit Max Glow Roller Small

It is now possible to play with your dog any time of the day. Whether in morning, afternoon, evening, winter or summer!Chuckit LIGHT PLAY combines highly visible material with "glow in the dark" rubber. 
€ 19,50

Shovel Stable Max KS grey + metal edge

€ 12,70
€ 8,95

Dog Rocks against urin spots lawn

To prevent urine spots from pets in your lawn!
€ 17,80

4Legs Dogzone Black

The unique rectangle lounge bed “stretcher” for dogs. Ideal for indoor & outdoor, place training “zone”, camping, garden, travel, holiday, etc.
€ 79,50

Can Toy

Thick-walled rubber dog toy with opening at both sides.
€ 13,95

Invinc Gecko Extreme Orange 2x Squeak

This stuffing-less Gecko keeps squeaking, even after being punctured.
€ 14,95

Bella Bowl Skelleton Design Metallic Ocean Blue X-Smal 284ml

€ 5,55

Forest Friends assorti

Throw, float and fetch!
€ 16,95

Hyper Squawker Ball

Durable toy made ​​of TPR (rubber) and practical indestructible nylon.Inside sits in a squawker (beeper) who is irresistible for dogs.
€ 12,50

Chuckit CI Zipflight Max Glow

Now you can play outside much longer with your dog, no matter what time. Whether it's morning, afternoon, evening, winter or summer! 
€ 27,50