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Cat Dancer Compleat

Interactive cat toys that will stimulate your cat to play and hunt.
€ 5,85
€ 4,50
Dog Mosquito

Bodyguard ROYAL bed Grey

When your dog lays on the bed, the ticks, fleas, mites, mosquitoes, etc. that get in contact with the bed will be knocked down. Provided with an additional 15 cm thick sturdy filling to guarantee optimal comfort.
€ 76,50

Shovel Stable Max KS grey + metal edge

€ 12,70
€ 8,95

JW Tanzanian Mountain Ball

Playball for dogs that bounces perfectly. Made of durable rubber.  
€ 11,45
Dog Cat

Vitamin E Plus HK

Vitamin E Plus HK: Is an antioxidant complex that protects against aging.Supports the repair capacity of the skin.Stimulates the fertility and supports the muscles.Is a supplementary feed for dog and cat.
€ 12,50

Cat Dancer Rainbow Cat Charmer

Interactive cat toys that will stimulate your cat to play and hunt.
€ 7,55
€ 5,70

Equi Seaweed pallets

Equi Seaweed contains 100% Seaweed, supports digestion and increases resistance. Equi Seaweed improves performance and has a positive influence on endurance and vitality.
€ 17,50

The Black Power Mosquito Magnet Plus

The new large musquito catcher for outside!
€ 139,50

Tail Twister Canvas assorti

Throw, float and fetch!
€ 10,35

Leanlix Lick Stick

A lickstick which you can use over and over again.With these sticks you can reward your dog without a fat or unhealthy treat.
€ 14,95

Hyper Gnarly Gnaw Stick

For fun, entertainment, and exercise for your dog.
€ 8,95

Hyper Shakes Rabbit

Pull, fetch and shake!
€ 21,95