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4Legs Dogzone Grey

The unique rectangle lounge bed “stretcher” for dogs. Ideal for indoor & outdoor, place training “zone”, camping, garden, travel, holiday, etc.
€ 79,50
Dog Cat

Vitamin E Plus HK

Vitamin E Plus HK: Is an antioxidant complex that protects against aging.Supports the repair capacity of the skin.Stimulates the fertility and supports the muscles.Is a supplementary feed for dog and cat.
€ 12,50

JW Mixups Arrow Ball

Does your dog like plush, rubber, or just a regular ball?Now there's a toy that contains all 3 materials!
€ 15,65

JW Tanzanian Mountain Ball

Playball for dogs that bounces perfectly. Made of durable rubber.  
€ 11,45

Feed Fork plastic green

Also ideal in cubicles!Diameter hole: 26 mm
€ 6,95

Horsefly Trap TaonX Eco

Catches horseflies price favorably and effectively!Reduces the presence of horseflies with max. 95%.
€ 119,50

Dog Rocks against urin spots lawn

To prevent urine spots from pets in your lawn!
€ 17,80

The Black Power Mosquito Magnet Plus

The new large musquito catcher for outside!
€ 139,50

Chuckit CI Zipflight Max Glow

Now you can play outside much longer with your dog, no matter what time. Whether it's morning, afternoon, evening, winter or summer! 
€ 27,50

Bella Spill-Proof Cat Mat

When your cat spills with food or drink, this is your solution.
€ 11,45

Equi Seaweed pallets

Equi Seaweed contains 100% Seaweed, supports digestion and increases resistance. Equi Seaweed improves performance and has a positive influence on endurance and vitality.
€ 17,50

Hyper Dura Squeaks Sticks

Durable stick that squeaks!
€ 17,60