Christmas carol of Quincy


It is December 24th, Christmas Eve. The wind is blowing around the house, it is cold, and now and then there is a snowflake. The fire is crackling and I am asleep, when suddenly my mother appears in front of my basket. Still as sweet as ever, just a little bit older. Automatically, I follow her to the door. We walk through the snow, into the cold. We are in the garden now, and suddenly, I am a puppy again:



I am a very happy dog and I get a lot of compliments, which I enjoy very much. People tell me that my tail, soft coat and head are unique. I play in the garden for hours and when my boss comes home, I can still go on for hours, even in the dark. Nothing is too much for me. My boss often takes me into nature, we walk for hundreds of miles. On our way, I effortlessly retrieve every ball or stick that he throws in the water. Sometimes we relax on the couch together after a long day. We walk from one season to another. I wish I could stay in this place forever, but my mother is already taking me to somewhere else:




I still feel very happy, however, I notice a bit of a difference. I have a few lumps and also, my teeth are not as clean as they used to be. My boss provides me with a special product to avoid these problems. My beautiful coat no longer shines as it did before, it even becomes a bit dull. Again, my sweet boss provides me with some extras. My snout is a little bit greyer and I am a little fatter than I used to be. It does not matter, because my boss and I are still going out for a walk into nature together, just a little less long. Again I receive some extras from my boss so I still feel fit. My hearing is less than it used to be, but as soon as I see or smell my boss, I become happy and start wagging! I love him so much, and he loves me! In the meantime, my mother takes me to another phase;




My boss and I are playing in the garden again. He gives me nice toys with some hidden treats in it. My boss always takes me into account and often tells me that I am a good dog, which I really enjoy. Suddenly, I fall asleep and I do not even notice that my boss returned home again. He scares me when he touches me, but then I feel completely happy again. I put my head to his arm or leg, and he cuddles me. I love him so much! To be honest, I would love to be on the couch, on my blanket, next to my boss. My mother does not allow me to do so, she wants to show me who I am right now:





More and more I walk in the wrong direction, because I do not notice my boss calling me, and sometimes I just get lost. Often, I just stare in front of me. I look for my boss but it gets harder and harder to find him. Getting up is not easy as it used to be, but I still feel happy and love my food. Sometimes I poop in the house because I cannot get out fast enough. Because my boss always treated me so well and gave me the right kind of food, I am still feeling fit, and can still enjoy a nice time.




Suddenly, I awake. My mother is gone. It is snowing a little bit harder now and I see my dear boss sitting next to me while stroking me. Together we are going for a little evening walk. When we return, I notice a new toy in my basket, wrapped in a nice ribbon. I am so glad that my sweet mother showed me how wonderful my life has been up to now. Thank you sweet boss, for always taking such good care of me! Let’s enjoy each other extra this Christmas.