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Phosphorus/Calcium Drink

Complementary feed for cattle for an effective replenishment of phosphorus, calcium and energy during periods of increased demand. 

In addition to an increased demand for calcium in the period after calving, several studies have shown that the phosphorus level in the blood plasma in appr. 80-90% of the dairy cows in the period after calving, is lower than the normal value. This can lead to so-called 'downer' cows and problems during the start. 

The Phosphorus/Calcium Drink is easy to administer and supports the cow in bringing the phosphorus level up to the required level. It also provides the cow with calcium and energy. Ideal for cows with a difficult start after calving!

Points of recognition of a direct phosphorus requirement are

  • Cow that lay down a lot ("downer cows")
  • Cases of stubborn milk fever
  • Slow cows
  • Reduction of rumination
  • No or barely a reponse to infusions

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Feed instructions

Administer the content of the bottle orally and repeat after 12 hours. If necessary, one bottle can be administered daily for 2-3 days afterwards.


500 g



Composition and labels
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Phosphorus/Calcium Drink

Ox New
Size 500 ml
Article code FOSF02
Description Phosphorus/Calcium Drink
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€ 12,50 / 500 ml

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