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Bronchi Block is supplementary feed for calves and lambs. A natural supplement to support the bronchial functions and allows the calf / lamb to breathe freely. Bronchi Block also supports the resistance of the newborn animal.
Feed instruction
Calf: 4 g. per animal/day during the first 7 days. Then 2 g. per animal/day during 14 days.
Lammeren: 2 g. per animal/day during the first 7 days. Then 1 g. per animal/day during 14 days.
Soluble in milk, or mixed with the basic or compounds feed.
Composition: Dextrose, Whey Powder, Essential oils (i.e. Cinnamon and Eucalyptus)
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of direct sunlight. Reseal partially used packaging.
Registration number NVWA / GMP+: 40120 
Produced by HACCP guidelines. 
BRON0400: 400 gr
BRON1000: 1 kg

Bronchi Block

Ox New Bronchial support
Size 400 g
Article code BRON0400
Description Bronchi Block
Min. order quantity 1 item
Order per 1 item
Price incl. 6% VAT
€ 14,95 / 400 g
Size 1 kg
Article code BRON1000
Description Bronchi Block
Min. order quantity 1 item
Order per 1 item
Price incl. 6% VAT
€ 34,50 / 1 kg

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