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The ideal addition of salt, minerals and trace elements. 
Mineral feed for horses.  
Salt Lick Excellent Horse is a very hard salt lick. It is composed of pure rock salt, magnesium and calcium and added with the necessary minerals and trace elements that horses need.
Salt Lick Excellent Horse is especially developed for horses in order to meet their need of salt, and the important trace elements and minerals.
Salt Lick Excellent Horse can be used at stable and the meadow.
The perfect salt lick to meet the need of salt, trace elements and minerals.
Feed instruction
1 salt lick per horse.
Available in 3 x 2 kg or 10 kg.



Zinc -E6- 

Copper -E4- 

Iron -E1- 


Iodine -3b202- 

Cobalt -3b304- 

Selenium -E8- 

Vitamin E (dl-α-Tocopherol acetate) -3a700- 

Biotin -3a880- 

600 mg/kg 

400 mg/kg 

210 mg/kg 

200 mg/kg 

50 mg/kg 

12 mg/kg 

5 mg/kg 

150 mg/kg 

20 mg/kg 

Combine Salt Lick Excellent 3 x 2 kg - LIKS0008 with:
Plastic lick holder 2 kg: LIKS0002
Slide in lick holder Dura 2 kg: LIKS0003F

Combine Salt Lick Excellent 10 kg - LIKS0009 with:
Plastic lick holder Dura 10 kg: LIKS0001B
Lick holder on pole 10 kg: LIKS0001D

Composition and labels
Click here to view composition and labels.

Salt Lick Excellent Horse

Horse Quality Electrolytes Health support Vitamins & minerals
Size 3x2 kg
Article code LIKS0008
Description Salt Lick Excellent Horse 3x2kg
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 6% VAT
€ 14,95 / 3x2 kg
Size 10 kg
Article code LIKS0009
Description Salt Lick Excellent Horse
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 6% VAT
€ 11,95 / 10 kg

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