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Fully allergen free lure!


NARA is a flavoured plastic, non-toxic lure and serves as a lure for mice and rats. Fully allergen free and therefore even suitable for use in the food industry. Perfect to use within the Integrated Pest Management (IPM).


Because of its unique design suitable in most of the mouse- and rat traps and can be used as bait for walk-in traps.

Nibble damage to NARA Lure is easily observable and betrays the presence of mice and/or rats.

The flavour remains present for at least 3 months and, under the ideal circumstances, can remain active for 12 months.

NARA Lure is not affected by insects, snails or moulds because of the lack of organic material.

Can be used in both dry and humid environments and temperatures of -20°C up to +60°C.



100 pieces

NARA Lure Fish 100 pcs.

Rat Mouse New
Size 1 pot
Article code NARA0111
Description NARA Lure Fish 100 pcs.
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€ 119,50 / 1 pot

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NARA is a flavoured plastic, non-toxic lure and serves as a lure for mice and rats.
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NARA is a flavoured plastic, non-toxic lure and serves as a lure for mice and rats.
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