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Martens & Polecats

Martens & Polecats

What are stone martens?
Stone martens are about the size of a cat and have a big white patch on their neck and front paws. They look cute, but can cause a lot of nuisance. The stone marten is a protected species in some countries. This means that the animal may not be imprisoned, dislodged nor be killed. This is one of the reasons it’s hard to keep martens away.

Car damage
A car that spontaneously catches fire without a clearly visible cause? The stone marten might be the cause. Stone martens are responsible for many car damages, which leads to a fortune of costs.

Stone martens love the insulation of wiring. In order to keep wiring flexible, fishmeal is a substance that is often assimilated in the wires. This substance lures martens. When martens gnaw on wires and expose the wiring, it can easily result in fire.

Other examples of car damage caused by martens are destroyed hood lining and insulation, leaky water pipes of windscreen washers, eroded belts, fuel lines and electrical wires.

Other damage
Stone martens are not only fond of cable cars, they also love to stay in attics, wall cavities and other places where they can cause a huge mess of debris, feces and accumulation of prey remains.

What can you do against stone martens? The tips most commonly given are:

  1. Place ultrasound devices in the engine compartment (see products below)
  2. Spray with scent that repels martens, such as Mustolet. 
  3. Car parking on chicken wire.
  4. Provide cables with sturdy plastic or metal.
  5. Hang a toilet block in the engine compartment
  6. Turn on the radio via timer. 

Source: de Stentor

The products below are the best solution to scare away martens in an effective way. 

Cat Bird Rodents Rat Mouse

Knock Off Observation Camera

Captures all movements day and night, in high quality.
€ 99,50

Mustolet Spray

Protect cabling from damage and make certain locations unattractive by using this spray. 
€ 24,50
Dog Cat Rat Mouse

Knock Off Animal Repeller

Drives away several unwanted animals from your garden, property or pond. 
€ 34,50
Dog Cat Rat Mouse

Knock Off Solar Animal Repeller

Contains a motion activated system and flashes as soon as animals set foot on your property. 
€ 49,50

Marten Stop Auto Ultrasonic & Shock

Protects your car against martens.
€ 69,50
Bird Rat Mouse

Ventistrip metalen vogelschroot

This galvanized steel bird comb is a better alternative to the known plastic and aluminum bird combs. Suitable for placement under all roofs and corrugated (galvanized iron) boards. In addition to roof applications, it is also extremely effective behind fascias.SizeStrip length: 1000mmPen height: 55mmPen width: 3mmSlot width: 3mmMounting holes: 19 x ø 3,5mm
€ 4,95

Motip Anti-Martenspray

This is a transparent spray with excellent adhesion to prevent damage to pipes and wiring caused by martens. Anti-marten spray is easy to apply and gives long-term odourless protection. Contains: 500 ml
€ 14,95

Life Trap rat, marten, polecat, cat, fox 122x29x32cm

Trap to catch rats, martens, polecats, cats and even foxes!
€ 99,50
Dog Cat

Garden protector 2 adaptor loose INDOOR

€ 13,40