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Including natural bait.

The captured mouse can be removed easily and quickly, without have to touch it with your hands. The trap is immediately ready for use again.

Eco friendly, efficient and hygienic.
• optimal strike force
• kills mice instantly
• including bait 

The bait refill can be ordered separately. 

Mouse trap Supercat Trap Pro

Size 1 st
Article code MUIS0000D
Description Mouse trap Supercat Trap Pro
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 21% VAT
€ 3,75 / 1 st

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Snap-E Cover for Snap-E trap gray

Two Snap-A-Mouse traps can be placed in this tunnel.
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Knock Off Mouse Trap

Superior mouse trap that is also used by professionals. 
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Knock Off Baitbox Mouse with key

Knock Off Baitbox with key.
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Knock Off Baitbox Mouse with trap + key

Knock Off Baitbox with trap + key This multifunctional baitbox is perfectly suitable for the monitoring and control of mice.
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Rat Mouse

Knock Off reward pellets

By using the reward pellets, the catch results will be raised remarkably.
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Mouse Trap Supercat incl. treat

Including natural hormonal bait.Mouse is easy to remove without having to tackle him with your hands
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Mouse trap Supercat Bait 2x3g

Replacement bait for the mouse trap Super Cat Trap Pro, easy to use.
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Tomcat mouse-trap

Robust plastic mice trap, original Tomcat!
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Mouse Trap Wood Luchs

Mouse trap made of beech wood with bait holder and steel spring with a high impact force.
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Mouse Trap Farmer Metal

Strong metal mouse trap for multiple use.
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Mousetrap vole and field mouse

Copper wire clamp to catch vole, field mice and moles.
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Mouse Clamp Snap-A-Mouse

This strong mouse trap has a very fine capture mechanism and is very easy to use.
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Vole Trap VoleX Wolff

Easy way to catch mice.
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Bait station Rat/Mouse Dual bait incl. Rat Clamp

Baitbox for rats and mice.This baitbox comes with a rat trap!
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Rat Mouse

Sleutel los voerdoos Rat/Muis

Key for baitboxes.
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Bait station for Mice incl. Mousetrap + Key

This feed box contains a mousetrap that allows you to easily kills mice. It is very save in use because it can be locked with a key. It is also easily attachable to the floor thanks to the pre-drilled holes on bottom of the feed box.  Size12,5 x 10,5 x 6,5 cm
€ 4,50

Bait box mice combi + key

Perfectly suitable for monitoring and control purposes of mice.  Size 12,5 x 10,5 x 6,5 cm
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Bait station for Mice incl. key

This bait station is safe to use due to the key closure. • Key closure• Upstanding edges on the inside• Suitable for all types of bait Size13 x 9,5 x 4 cm
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Voerdoos AF Snappa Black

Firmly baitbox for mice, to open with a key.
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