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The Conceptine Bolus is the natural relaxer around insemination.


Complementary feed for cattle. The Conceptine Bolus is the natural relaxer around insemination because of the presence of valerian. Agitation has a negative influence on the progesterone level. Under the influence of progesterone, the mobility of the uterine wall will decrease, which will result in a better implantation of the foetus on the uterine wall. In addition, the Conceptine Bolus is rich in essential vitamins and trace elements, and supports the cow during early gestation.
Composition per bolus (58 gram):
Valerian, corn meal, dextrose, gelatine, sodium chloride and potassium chloride.

Important additions
Folic acid: important for cell growth, cell division and cell differentiation, stimulates the production of antibodies, a deficiency causes fertility problems. 
Vitamin A: support of ovulation, implantation, embryonic development, hormone activation drung pregnancy. 
Niacin: important for the energy metabolism, a deficiency causes fertility problems (cf the time of insemination usually around the moment that the cow is in peak production and therefore has the largest energy deficiency). 
Vitamin E: antioxidant, offers improved immune response, supports during the preparation for pregnancy and for the maintenance of the reproductive organs. 

Feed instructions
2 boluses immediately after insemination.

Dry, out of direct sunlight. 

Packaging of 4 boluses
Outer packaging 6x4 boluses

Conceptine Bolus is a complementary feed produced according to GMP+ HACCP-guidelines.  
GMP+ no. 40120

Composition and labels
Click here to view composition and labels.

Conceptine Bolus

Size 4 st
Article code CONC007
Description Conceptine Bolus
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 9% VAT
€ 19,95 / 4 st

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