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Pet Qwerks Flavorit Flex Peanut Butter Bone

Unlike the regular Flavorit™, the Flavorit Flex™ is a flexible bone that is engineered with moderate or gentle chewers in mind. Tiny flavor cells are molded into both sides of the Flavorit Flex™ bone so you can fill it with peanut butter, cheese, cream cheese, or any other spreadable treat your dog prefers. The tiny flavor cells hold just enough spread to entice your dog to chew, but not too much that they're getting so many calories. You can even add a different spread on each side to up the flavors! No mess because it’s concave design. Once your doggie is done chewing, simply clean the bone with a small brush. Now it's ready to be re-charged with your dog’s favorite spread again.SizePETQ0ZFLF4: Small 10 cmPETQ0ZFLF3: Medium 14 cmPETQ0ZFLF2: Large 18 cmPETQ0ZFLF1: X-large 20 cm
from € 3,25

Pet Qwerks Jingle X-Tire Ball

Features a whopper sized chrome jingle bell inside. Lots of jingle fun! SizePETQ0ZXTJ3: Small - ø 8 cmPETQ0ZXTJ2: Medium - ø 12 cm
from € 8,40

Inserter Plastic all boluses

Multifunctional plastic inserter!
€ 17,50

Mane puller extra fine

Mane comb
€ 1,15

Life Trap Rat 65x17x20cm

Trap to catch rats.
€ 42,50

Pet Qwerks Jingle X-Tire Ball Tug & Toss Small

Jingle X-Tire Balls Single Rope & Tug N Toss Tire Ball are a pair of small tires ruggedly molded as a single ball with a hollow center tied with rope. Easy for dogs to retrieve. SizeSmall - length 29 cm - ø 9 cm
€ 17,95

Pet Qwerks Jingle X-Tire Ball with Rope

X-Tire Balls are a pair of small tires ruggedly molded as a single ball with a hollow center. They're easy for dogs to retrieve; they have a fun rolling action. They're molded from Flexi PVC so they're durable, smooth, safe and fun!  SizePETQ0ZXTR2: ø 8 cmPETQ0ZXTR1: ø 12 cm
from € 13,95

Teat Dip Cup Maxi non return

Special non-return valve inside the cup prevents the already used teat dip from running back into the reservoir.Hygienical, practical and safe Teat Dip Cup.
€ 8,95

Mane comb hemisphere

Red coloured mane comb hemisphere.
€ 2,80

Mane Comb with handle

Mane comb
€ 1,60

Easy Hoof shoe

For small claws you can easily cut off a small part of the sole.
from € 5,95
Pig Poultry

Birch tar oil

Can be used for feather pecking and tail biting.
€ 3,50