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Rijhandschoen katoen black

Comfortable riding gloves made of cotton. Has an excellent fit with extra grip due to the non-slip palm. The gloves also have rein reinforcement and Velcro on top.
€ 6,20

Zee.Dog Super Fruitz/Veggies casket

€ 4,95

MagicBrush brushset Sweet Surprise

Magic Brush efficiently removes dirt without any effort. Magic Brush is the perfect brush during the change of coat on any kind of horse hair. The top side can be used as sweat scraper. Magic Brush will easily remove dirt from saddle cloth, riding boots and frees equestrian clothing from horse hair.Magic Brush is a high quality product.Winner of the International Awards!
€ 16,45
Dog Cat

No Stress Mix HK

No Stress Mix HK has a calming effect on the behavior. Reduces nervousness in stressful situations and acts for a long time.Reduce tension in stressful situations such as: • Fireworks• Travel• Visit to vet or groomer• Chronic stress• Insomnia• Storm
€ 9,95

Helmet Lamp

Allround headlight with LED technology.Thanks to LED technology, the headlight consumes very little power and guarantees hours light. Because the headlight is attached to a helmet or placed over the head, light always shines in the right direction and makes a flashlight innecessary. Adjustable in brightness.Requires 3 AAA batteries not included).
€ 11,35

Big Eyes Funky Fox

Irresistibly soft plush fox with two squeakers!
€ 7,75

Bi-pH Bolus (Bicarbonat Bolus)

Bicarbonate bolus reduces the risk of acidosis. Contains advanced bicarbonate for a rapid increase of the rumen pH-value. Both curative and preventive use. Especially for high yielding cows.
€ 19,95

Replacement Straps for Spurs

1 pair of spur belts.With metal buckle. Lenght: 50 cm
€ 2,75

Grooming Brush 19cm

Massage brush for dogs. With this brush you can easily remove dead hair.
€ 8,35

Rat Clamp Snap-A-Rat

Strong rat trap with a very fine capture mechanism. Sturdy and made of durable plastic! Perfect in combination with:VOERD002AMVOERD001VOERD001BCVOERD001BD
€ 6,95

Grumpy Cat Smelly Sardines per 2 Cat Toy

Two 'stinky' sardines with Catnip!
€ 4,55

Twins Rope Ball 7cm

Great for a game of fetch with your dog.  Size: 7 cm
€ 6,10