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RelaxoPet PRO Dog

Help your dog to relax optimally in stressful situations.
€ 74,50

Birrdeeez Sekelbos Olympic Ring RT8

Cheer up your bird's cage with this colourful bird game. This toy consists of five rings with soft frills. Easy to attach to the cage with a carabiner. SizeLength: 54 cmDiameter rings: ø 12 cm Target animalParakeets and birds alike
€ 9,45

Easy Hoof shoe

For small claws you can easily cut off a small part of the sole.
from € 5,95

Superon Tablets

 Superon is only registered for the German and Dutch market. This product is not authorized for other countries.
€ 94,50

Birrdeeez Sekelbos T-Pillar Leather Parrot Toy

Climb- and play toy including coral / sand structure cylinders! The coral / sand structure cylinders contribute to the maintenance of your bird's paws and beak. Size38 cm long Target animalParakeets and parrots
€ 8,20
Ox Horse Sheep

ZoneGuard Energizer 20 km

The ZoneGuard Energizers are characterised by simplicity and reliability.
€ 119,50
Ox Horse

ZoneGuard Rope Eco 6 mm white

For inexpensive fencing, choose ZoneGuard Rope Eco. With strong stainless steel ropes as conductors. 
€ 22,90

Birrdeeez Coral Ball & Sisal Cluster Parrot Toy

Climb- and play toy including coral / sand structure cylinders! You can decide on which height the coral / sand structure balls will hang by shifting them. The toy is easy to attach with help of a carabiner hook. Size46 cm long Target animalParakeets and parrots
€ 7,50

Eat Slow Live Longer Feed and Treat Green

A unique way to keep your pet in motion and to prevent boredom and overweight. 
from € 13,50

Body Treat Hider

A toy to cuddle with but also for hiding treats. 
from € 13,75

Spotted! Dog Medium

Find back what you love!
€ 12,95

Trap for live catch rat multi catch

The cage is made of durable materials for a long lifespan.
€ 19,95