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RelaxoPet PRO Dog

Help your dog to relax optimally in stressful situations.
€ 74,50

Wild Life Dog Fox

With these great dogtoys you don't need to go outside to experience hunting with your dog. 
€ 12,40

Chuckit Ring Chaser Launcher

The unique ring with topspin causes this ring to bounce, zig, zag and hop on the ground just like a real game, engaging your dog's natural chase instincts.
€ 20,45
Ox Horse

ZoneGuard plastic post 115cm white

For all conventional tapes, polywires, ropes and wires.
€ 3,25

Hoof sock Tubbease

An excellent tool for treating injuries and diseases such as abscesses, thrush, thin soles, cracks and fissures and general deterioration of the hoof. 
from € 27,50
Ox Sheep

ZoneGuard Rope Plus 6 mm white

ZoneGuard Plus has stainless steel wires and light alloy wires.
€ 47,50

Birrdeeez Mineral Carnival Rope

Large climb- and play rope. Contributes to the maintenance of your bird's paws and beak. This toy is easy to attach with a carabiner. Contains mineral balls, cylinders with sand structure, rope and a pretty bell for extra fun.Mineral ballsThe mineral balls consist of a mixture of gypsum, calcium, grit, salt and food grade dye. Calcium and grit will ensure good digestion and keep beak and paws in shape. SizeBIRDBT3154Length: 42 cmDiameter mineraal ballen: ø 4,5 cm BIRDBR3007Length: 55 cmDiameter mineraal bal: ø 7 cm Target animalParakeets, parrots and ara's Comes in assorted colour.
from € 7,35

Birrdeeez Bird Toy

Cherful coloured bird toy. Twist the sticks at your own desire in different directions. The bells at the top and bottom will ensure extra fun. Easily attach this toy to a cage with the carabiner hook. Size10,5 cm
€ 3,20

Wild Life Dog Rat

With these great dogtoys you don't need to go outside to experience hunting with your dog. 
€ 9,95

Chuckit Rope Fetch

3 ways to play: Kick it, tug it, throw it!
€ 24,20

Birrdeeez Natural Sekelbos Perch

The wooden structure ensures excellent natural care of the nails and beak. This perch can be placed anywhere in the cage and is easy to confirm.Target animalMiddle and large parrots
from € 4,70
Poultry Chicken

Standing poultry feeder

Standing poultry feeder. 
from € 59,50