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Poultry Chicken

Poultry feeder 20cm assorted

Feeder for poultry with 12 units. 
€ 2,55

Zenpet Tick Tornado (Tick Remover)

Remove ticks safely and easily. 
€ 4,69

Birrdeeez Sekelbos Olympic Ring RT8

Cheer up your bird's cage with this colourful bird game. This toy consists of five rings with soft frills. Easy to attach to the cage with a carabiner. SizeLength: 54 cmDiameter rings: ø 12 cm Target animalParakeets and birds alike
€ 9,45

Pet Qwerks Blinky X-Tire

Has a red flashing Blinky Ball inside that turns on when touched, and turns off automatically. These deluxe toys are ideal for those wishing to indulge their pup after dark. A perfect combination of toys with an upgraded electronics package for long-lasting fun. Now comes with replaceable batteries. SizePETQ0ZXTB3: Small - ø 8 cmPETQ0ZXTB2: Medium - ø 12 cm
from € 10,70

Wild Life Dog Rat

With these great dogtoys you don't need to go outside to experience hunting with your dog. 
€ 9,95

Birrdeeez Disc & Block Play

Cheer up your bird's cage with this colourful bird game. Contains sicklebush (wood) and brightly colored cubes and strings. Easy to attach to the cage with a carabiner. Length38 cm Target animalLittle birds, parakeets and birds alike.
€ 5,80

Teat Dip Cup Maxi non return

Special non-return valve inside the cup prevents the already used teat dip from running back into the reservoir.Hygienical, practical and safe Teat Dip Cup.
€ 8,95
Poultry Chicken

Standing poultry feeder

Standing poultry feeder. 
from € 59,50

Birrdeeez Coral Ball & Sekelbos

Large climb- and play rope. Contributes to the maintenance of your bird's paws and beak. This toy is easy to attach with a carabiner. Contains balls with sand structure, sicklebush (wood) en a pretty bell. SizeBIRDBT3026Length: 47 cmDiameter ball: ø 7 cmBIRDBT3024Length: 47 cmDiameter ball: ø 10 cm Target animalParrots and Ara's
from € 8,95
Poultry Chicken

Poultry laying nest chicken with basket plastic

Strong laying nest for chickens with basket, made of durable plastic.
€ 29,75

RelaxoPet PRO Cat

Help your cat relax optimally in stressful situations.
€ 74,50
Ox Sheep

ZoneGuard Energizer 120 km

This mains energiser is perfectly suited for animals INsensitive to mains power, like cows and sheep.
€ 224,50