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Jolly Ball Yellow "Banana scented"

Soft play ball which can entertain the horse for hours.Banana scented
€ 32,50

Tape Black 200m 40mm

€ 24,95
Dog Mosquito

Bodyguard Dog Blanket 120x80 cm Insect Bodyguard

Gives your dog optimal protection due to the special impregnated INSECT BODYGUARD. When your dog lays on the blanket, the ticks, fleas, mites, mosquitoes, etc. that get in contact with the blanket will be knocked down.
€ 39,50

Sports Collar XL

NOW: € 22,90

Brush Haas "Junior"

NOW: € 10,70

Tape Titaan 200m 40mm Red/Gold

NOW: € 89,50

Organic Oscar Holistic Bite & Itch relief spray

Fast relief for irritated, blemished skin and contains 100% natural ingredients.
€ 9,95

Udderhair Remover Mobile Dura

No more carrying all kinds of large cylinders, but simple with a small gas catritge (600 ml) which can be attached to your belt with a unique hook. 
€ 189,50
€ 149,50

AFP Catnip Hot Lips

NOW: € 4,75

Halstertouw Soft XL mus. gro/gro/zwa

NOW: € 3,95

Riding gloves cotton G-grip Magic Adult

NOW: € 3,00

Hunting Dog Sollid Ball

Challenging fetch line for dogs.
NOW: € 7,95