Dog skin

The skin exists of several layers. Between the skin cells is a substance (fats and fat-like substances), which keep the skin cells together. 
When the dog's skin barrier is damaged by whatever circumstances, it could cause various skin problems. Dogs suffering from allergies have a much lower concentration of fats and fatty substances in the skin, which makes them more likely to develop such problems.

Skincare for dogs with allergies
Many dogs have irritated, dry, dull and/or flaky skin. This is how the body indicates something is wrong. When people suffer from dry or flaky skin, we can use a cream or body lotion. This is impossible to do with a dog. However, there are several things you can do to make sure your dog feels comfortable again.  

Wash your dog on a regular basis with a moisturising and/or mild hypoallergenic shampoo. For dry skin the Shampoo Aloe Vera is very suitable. In case of allergic symptoms (dry, red and irritated skin) we recommend to use Tea Tree Shampoo. Providing a special diet or using supplements could be a good solution. Our flagship product is the Itch Stop Feed. Itch Stop Feed is a blend of pure vegetable oils and contains essential fatty acids and simply can be poured on the feed. Itch Stop Feed contains soothing properties for skin discomforts. Also suitable for dogs with salmon allergy.

What more can you do?
Keep the fur short and light, make sure that a wet or thick fur cannot scald. Moist skin makes a weaker barrier against the intrusion of yeasts and bacteria, which thrive extra well in a moist and warm environment. Do not allow a dog sensitive to allergic skin reactions, swim too much. Moist skin is less of a barrier against the entering of yeasts and bacteria, which tend to thrive in a humid and warm environment. In addition, the skin is often already weakened so that the complaints can easily worsen, especially in dogs with a that have thick or longer coat. Dogs with this kind of coat and skin allergies are best shaved or trimmed.

If you wish to let the dog swim anyway, dry (never blowdry) the dog off thoroughly. Our Doggy Dry products are perfectly for this purpose. Or even better, first wash the dog by using shampoo with Aloe Vera Shampoo and then dry the dog. Another method to reduce skin irritation is to let your dog swim in salt water. Fresh seawater is actually good for the skin. Seawater has a disinfecting effect and works in many cases beneficial for skin problems. It also applies here; dry thoroughly afterwards.