Dog skin

The skin consists of several layers. Between the skin cells is a substance (fats and a fat-like substance) that keeps the skin cells together. When this skin barrier is damaged by whatever influence, complaints may arise. Dogs with an allergy have a much lower concentration of fats and fatty substances in their skin, which increases the risk of various skin problems such as itching, dry skin and inflammations. 

Skin care for allergic dogs

Many dogs suffer from irritated, dry, dull and flaky skin. This is the body's way of indicating that something is wrong.  When humans have dry or flaky skin, cream or body lotion can be applied. This cannot be done on dogs. Fortunately, there are many different ways to ensure that a dog becomes and remains more comfortable in its skin. Wash the dog regularly with a moisturising and/or mild hypoallergenic shampoo. For dry skin, Shampoo Aloe Vera is very suitable. With allergic complaints (dry, red and irritated skin) we recommend to use Tea Tree shampoo.

Providing special feed or supplements is also recommended, such as Itch Stop Feed and Top Brok Dry feed. Itch Stop Feed is a mix of pure vegetable oils and contains essential fatty acids and can simply be added to the feed. It has a neutral taste, so absorption is guaranteed. Itch Stop Feed contains soothing properties for skin discomforts, making it also suitable for dogs with a salmon allergy. TopBrok is a fully balanced diet for all dogs. It is tasty and contains all the ingredients required to give your dog maximum support. 

What else can you do? 

Keep the coat short and light, make sure that a wet or thick coat does not become sweaty. A dog that is prone to allergic skin reactions should not swim too much. This is because a moist skin is a less effective barrier against the penetration of yeasts and bacteria, which trive extra well in a moist and warm environment. In addition, the skin is often already vulnerable and the symptoms can easily get worse, especially in dogs with a thicker or longer coat. These dogs are best shaved or clipped when a skin allergy is detected. 

In case the dog wants to go for a swim, dry him thoroughly immediately. The Royal Dry products are ideal. Or even better: wash the dog after swimming with Shampoo Aloe Vera! Another method to prevent skin irritations is to let the dog swim in salt water. Unlike fresh water, sea water is really good for the skin. Seawater has a disinfecting effect and in many cases has a favourable effect on skin problems. Again, dry well afterwards.