Holiday with your dog

What could be better than taking your dog with you on holiday? 
Here is a checklist:

✔ EU Dog Passport (with chip or tattoo number), if necessary health certificates (for non EU countries) 
and vaccination certificates. Also check the import rules of the country you are travelling to.
✔ Do not forget to add the holiday destination and your own phone number as identification 
on the collar of your dog. The easiest way to do so is by using the Spotted!Pro tag (suitable for both dogs and cats).
✔ Ofcourse a good dog leash! For example, the Walkabout and a fluorescent / USB LED collar in case your dog likes to wander, he will stay visible!
✔ Do not forget the medication if case your dog needs any. Flea- and tick products are good to have with you. It is handy to take a first aid kit with you also.
✔ A tick remover.
✔ Use the Bodyguard blanket in and outside your car (ticks, fleas, mites, mosquitoes, etc. that get into contact with this blanket are killed by the Insect Bodyguard technology.) To use as a sleeping accommodation we recommend the Chuckit Travel Bed.
✔ Food. If your dog is not very picky, you will have no trouble finding food in Europe. In case you use canned food, don’t forget the can opener!
✔ If your dog is very attatched to his food-and water bowl, simply take it with you. 
If not, sealable plastic boxes are very convenient.

✔ Take enough water with you on the road. This is where the Rinsekit comes in very handy. 
It can hold up to 7.5 litres of water. Ideal when your dog is thirsty or when it’s really hot. 
Is the stomach of your dog easily upset? Then when arrived at your destination give 
your dog bottled water instead of tap water.
✔ Remember to take things with you that keep your dog cool. Especially if you are travelling to a hot destination. Think for instance of refrigerating products for the car, but also for at the destination.
✔ Doggy dry towel for muddy paws.
✔ Any chance of bad weather or are you going for a swim? 
Bring a doggy dry mat for in the back seat or in the trunk!
✔ A strange environment for your dog always exciting. Give your dog No Stress Paste so your dog can get gradually used to the new environment. Calm your dog and tell the dog often that he or she behaved well.
✔ Provide adequate (challenging) toyschew sticks and treat biscuitsDog Fish Treat. Brush against loose hairs.
✔ Paper towel and wipes (Organic Pet Wipes)

✔ Poopbags for unavoidable cases.
✔ Walking in unfamiliar surroundings, especially at night, it is a must to be clearly visible.
✔ The phonenumber of your veterinarian (and number of the substitute).
✔ In some countries you must use a muzzle. Take a look at the import rules if this is also the case at your holiday distination.
✔ In Germany, the dog officially has to be leashed in the car. For this we can offer you the Harness and Safety Belt, a safe seat belt for dogs.
✔ Last but not least, we also have really cool floating toys and please also have a look at our glow in the dark toys!
We wish you a great holiday!
Download the holiday
checklist here: