Food for thought (Pest)


Fly problem
Problems with flies occur nearly everywhere around the globe, but specifically become a major problem in places such as dairy farms, pig farms, chicken farms, turkey farms, sheep farms, and stables.

The importance of getting rid of flies
• Flies spread diseases (f.e. salmonella, mastitis, swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, brucellosis, PRRS, rotavirus)
• They cause stress in animals
• They cause hazard to humans, animals and the environment

This causes
• Less profit due to loss in growth and production (milk, meat, eggs)
• Raised heartbeat and respiratory rate caused by sudden movement, bites, scratches
• Increased nutritional needs because of bloodloss
• Fly nuisance for farmers, employees and neighbours (contaminated areas)

Did you know?
The lifecycle of a fly lasts between one weeks and two months. The full cycle may vary depending on the temperature.

45-51 days at 16 ° C
14-16 days at 25 ° C
8-10 days  at 35 ° C

A female fly can produce 600 - 1000 eggs during her lifecycle!

Under the ideal circumstances, one egg can develop over 10,000,000 flies!

Quickly and effectively reduce flies around the stable
With the Knock Pest FlyNip Fly trap XL (KNOC00127), it is possible to achieve a large reduction in the number of flies. The design ensures a good circulation of the FlyNip bait, while the unique catching technique ensures that flies literally fly into the trap. 

Knock Pest FlyNip Fly trap XL
Robust, very large fly trap for maximum capacity and equipped with the irresistible FlyNip bait for outdoor use. Catches house-, stable and flesh flies. 


Effect and benefits
Place the Knock Pest Fly trap XL , or when necessary multiple traps, on all the places where a nuisance caused by flies is experienced. The ideal height is about 1.5 metres from the ground (flies mostly are present between 80 cm and 2 metres from the ground). 

How does it work?
During the day, the flies can be found in stables and/or buildings to search for food (manure, feed or other organic substances as found in waste). 

By using the very best, non-toxic FlyNip bait, this fly trap offers superior catch results. The special lid on the bait reservoir ensures a dosed release of the FlyNip. The unique construction of the trap combined with the air flow ensures that the flies are being separated from the water with the bait, so that nog eggs can be laid on it. 

A sturdy base at the bottom ensures that the trap can be placed or hung in a stable position, by using the supplied wall mount. 

FlyNip Bait
FlyNip is a special bait, created as a result of years of testing. This bait works very quickly and is irresistible to flies. Famous for attracting flies away from stables, terrace, garden etc. 

Also available as refill: Knock Pest FlyNip Refill with 3 capsules (KNOC00118L)


  • Efficiently : significantly reduces the nuisance caused by flies
  • Eco-friendly: no side effects to the environment, non-toxic
  • Economical: inexpensive in use
  • Easy to use

Custom advice
For customised advice on fly control in and around the barn, please contact us.