Intestines in balance

The intestines of an animal are the core of her health.

80% of all health problems originate from the intestines.

Health issues

When an animal suffers from health problems, it is most likely that these are caused by its intestines. This is why it is so important to keep the intestines healthy. The digestive system of your horse goes literally through the entire animal just to digest food. Everything between feed to feces, the route travelled by feed. The digestive tract is always in contact with the outside world. Everything the horse eats comes from outside. What your horse eats, matters a lot.


In scientific literature, a number of positive effects are assigned to among others; humic acids. Better protection of the bowel, intestinal health, the binding of mycotoxins and reducing stress. By providing a product containing humic acids on a daily basis, you will notice an improvement in the development of the structure and health of the intestines. More nutrients are being absorbed from the feed, thereby improving the magnesium level in the blood. Red blood cells are able to carry more oxygen under the influence of humus. This among other things, has a positive effect on the healing time of wounds, such as tendon injuries.