Hay feeding

Why is it important to feed hay?

Horses naturally graze 14 up to 16 hours a day. In the stable, this time is often limited to a few hours.


A horse has no gall bladder, This means the digestive juices continuously end up in the small intestine. To maintain the momentum of digestion, it is important to perform continuous roughage (hay, for instance). It is also important to make the horse work a little for its hay.

Challenge your horse

Horses like to challenge themselves and being kept busy with, for instance, a hay feeder. If there is nothing challenging, than a horse might get bored and will have problems such as an ulcer, colic-like disorders, and nobody wants that. A horse that is bored might also start crib biting and often shows stressed behavior.

For a correct way of providing hay, Holland Animal Care developed the Hay Slowfeeder

Hay Slowfeeder

By using our Hay Slowfeeder your horse will be provided with hay in a natural way. Your horse can eat hay all day and it. Our Hay Slowfeeder contributes to a healthier, more peaceful and content horse.

On Equinews Professor Kathleen Crandell from Kentucky indicates that a slow feeder is a good way to provide hay.

What's so special about our Hay Slowfeeder.

Our Hay Slowfeeder is not a net, but completely made from plastic. It is nearly indestructible and has openings with the perfect size which make the horse eat not too fast but also not too slow. The Hay Slowfeeder is a ball with a diameter of 40 cm which can hung up at any desired height in the stable (or outside). By hanging several Hay Slowfeeders in the stable the horse will find it challenging and therefore eat better and will not become bored.

The Hay Slowfeeder is nearly indestructible.

This Hay Slowfeeder is the best hay feeder out there! It is made of plastic and comes with hook and rope. The Hay Slowfeeder is suitable for any horse or pony. 

Advantages of the Hay Slowfeeder:

• No mess, no hay wastage and less work
• Natural way of feeding
• Horses are more occupied with eating hay
• Prevents stable boredom
• Prevents wastage allowing considerable savings on the purchase of hay
• No uptake of dust and dirt while eating
• Prevents breathing problems
• Horses eating from the Hay Slowfeeder think it's more fun and tastier
• Fixed feeding times are no longer necessary
• Considerably less cases of colic and ulcers
• Prevents overeating
• Safe for all grazing animals
• Time saving because you have to carry less hay
• Very durable
• New, innovative and patented product

Hang it low or high?

It does not matter. Horses eat grass but also like to pick leaves from trees.