Udder care

Fresh udders, healthy milk!
Without healthy udders, no milk. That sounds very simple and it actually is. Nevertheless, udder infections are one of the most important production-limiting factors in dairy farming. It is therefore important to do everything possible to keep the udders in the best possible condition. In particular, the maintenance of blood flow, relaxation and skin care are essential. There are several products available to care for the udders. Almost all of them contain the substance 'Japanese peppermint oil'. Our golden formula, Gold Mint, also contains Japanese pepermint oil. However, it is not the Japanese peppermint oil that is most effective.

It's just a part of that peppermint oil performing the actual work! Menthol is also often found in skin care products for people. Shaving foam, creams and gels ensure that the skin feels less rough and becomes smooth. Menthol has the same effect on the udders of the cow. Gold Mint has a menthol share of 0.62%, this is considerably higher than most other products. In practice it has been proven that this higher percentage of menthol actually ensures a positive change in the condition and vitality of the udder quarters.

Natural product
Use of antibiotics in livestock farming is decreasing, many farmers are looking for alternative methods. A natural product such as Gold Mint fits well with this. We also thought carefully about the packaging. The tube can be put down or conveniently hung in the barn. So the product is always available for the cow... or man!

Why this success story?
That is not so difficult to explain. Our mint has a unique water-based composition. This makes it absorb much faster and deeper in the udder quarter than any other mint. With many mints you'll feel a burning sensation on the skin. This actually indicates that it is less effective at the place where it actually should do its job and that is the udder quarter. 

In recent years, Gold Mint has developed so much that the product has been perfected in all its facets. In addition to the highest proportion of menthol, Gold Mint also contains a number of other natural ingredients that have already earned their place in human cosmetics, such as arnica, eucalyptus and tea tree. This, combined with the cold and heat effect ('first cold, then hot') of the mint makes it a versatile product that will fit in all the stables and bathroom cabinets!