Salt need

Every animal has a salt need.
In the meadow or in the barn, animals always need salt. A dairy cow has a need of about 6 grams per day, which is not covered from the ration!
The feeding is required!
What does the salt do?
• Salt provides milk
• Salt provides greater absorption of water
• Salt allows for better health.
Why a salt lick?
Loose salt is increasingly being discouraged! You often feed either too little or too much or in different places. In addition, the salt (when it falls on the ground) comes in contact with materials such as concrete, which are affected by it.
The price advantage is thus a huge cost disadvantage!
Providing salt
Salt can best be provided by using a salt lick. Salt licks ensure an adequate intake of salt, but not too much. Salt licks can be placed anywhere in the stable. One salt lick per twelve animals is the best. Salt licks can be mounted to a wall by using a salt lick holder.
Why our Natural salt lick
• Can be used for all animals
• Is a sturdy and durable salt lick and contains pure rock salt
• Pure rock salt, no vacuum salt
• Contains important trace elements and minerals
• It is pressed under high pressure (320 bar) so the stone cannot simply fall apart
• Individually sealed, this avoids pollution and sweating stones