Indestructible shaving fork tested by Pferde Magazin

The indestructible shaving fork of Holland Animal Care was thoroughly tested by us: does the product meet its expectations?

Product test

Those who regularly have to carry out stable work, are depending on reliable equipment. Nothing can be more annoying than constantly having to replace working tools. Particularly with plastic forks, it often happens that a few teeth break when inserting the fork into the ground, or when a ‘valuable’ load occurs to be too heavy. Even more stunning when we found out that there had to be an indestructible shaving fork – which we had to check out of course!

Our test shaving fork from Holland Animal Care

The miracle tool, praised as ‘indestructible’, is made of solid plastic, costs € 14,95 and is delivered separately, without a handle. The large choice in colours makes our hearts beat faster. Of course, we picked the pink version. The producer points out that the shaving fork can also be used in the garden, or even as a snow shovel.

Hard-core requirements because of curious horses

When it came to cleaning, the pink manure fork immediately had to show its qualities: a highly nosy horse examined the shaving fork very precisely, knocked it over and then stood on its sensitive teeth. We did not worry, because the shaving fork immediately proved its strength:

Shaving fork versus horse power – the indestructible shaving fork wins!

Once the shaving fork was rescued, it was time for mucking out. In our stable, the horses stand on rough forest ground, shreds of wood, asphalt as well as rubber mats, depending on the functional area. Regarding the shreds of wood, we first had our doubts how the plastic fork would perform. After all, some pieces would get stuck between the teeth. If we wanted to get rid of them, one of the teeth would most probably break. None of this turned out to be a problem. The wooden pieces could be removed, almost violently, by kicking it off with the feet, without being afraid to damage something.

Removing wood shreds can be quite exhausting – the pink shaving fork makes the job a lot easier.

Think pink

Visually, the shaving fork in pink is an eye-catcher of course. For those who do not like pink, there are many other colours available. Of course, the colour is not the most important thing, however, it is nice to have an alternative to black.

Our conclusion:

We think this indestructible shaving fork is great! It conquers all challenges, looks classy, is well-made and can even withstand 550 kg of weight on the teeth – what else do you want? Further information can be found below:

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