Help! I don't smell so fresh!

A dog can sometimes start to smell pretty bad! Not only annoying for the owners themselves, but also for visitors.

Dog Perfume
This is the best way to temporarily let a dog smell good. It masks and neutralizes the unpleasant odors present. Dog Perfume contains a bouquet of wild flowers

Smelly fur? Use Groomers secret!
Washing dogs is part of a monthly ritual. Therefore, start washing while the dog is still young. However, sometimes fate intervenes. If the dog jumps in a dirty ditch, mud or other dirt, then it is really necessary to have an quick wash to get the smelly fur fresh and clean again. If the coat smells, use the right kind of shampoo. We recommend Groomers Secret: This shampoo is available in a variety of scents: Apple, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lavender, Rose. Groomers Secret is best for a monthly wash. For irritated skin, we recommend using the Skin Derm propolis shampoo.

Dirty paws
Dogs sweat through their tongue and paws. That is why the dog's paws are a source of stench relatively quickly. That is because dirt can easily accumulate between the cushions and toes of the legs. Therefore always pay attention to washing and drying the paws of the dog. Feel free to (gently) go between the toes to make sure that all the dirt has been removed. You can use Groomers Secret for this.

Smelly breath from food?
It is a recurring theme among dog owners: despite the fact that a dog gets the right type of food, he seems to prefer a rotten fish or a dead mouse in the bushes, or even the excrement from another dog. If a dog has eaten something dirty, removing that smell is not quite easy.
The best way is to give the dog something that he can chew for a longer period of time. This stimulates the production of saliva, which cleanses the mouth and helps digestion. We recommend the Dental Ears for this.

Another solution is the AFP Sparkle Dental Water Additive. This ensures a fresh breath after a few days and also keeps the teeth in optimum condition (with daily use). If a dog his breath smells due to plaque or old teeth, then Dental Oral Care is the solution.

The dog bed, home kennel or couch smells of dog.
Unwanted smells are inevitable. If a dog is lying on the couch regularly, chances are that it will start to smell like the dog. Due to habituation this can sometimes no longer be smelled immediately, but for visitors this is different. Smell Control is the solution to prevent the dog air from getting into the couch. Smell Control is a pleasantly perfumed, ready-to-use air freshener with odor neutralizer. Smell Control is a real odor eater and will stays active for up to 24 hours.
If a urine odor arises, then Urine Control spray or Urine Control Powder is the solution

Brush your dog regularly.
Dogs with thick and long hair are particularly susceptible to a smelly fur. Especially when there are many loose hairs, bacteria and fungi can accumulate in the fur. By brushing the dog regularly, the loose hairs are removed on time and the chance that the fur will starts to stink is reduced. Moreover, a brushed dog looks more beautiful and cared for!
To support a dog during shedding, Omega Boost Dog is the appropriate method. This product is packed in a handy dosing bottle.

Thoroughly dry your dog after getting wet.
Almost everyone has experienced the smell of a wet dog. Therefore it is imperitive to try and dry a dog immediately after swimming or paddling.
Take a special towel with you when you go for longer walks and prevent a wet and smelly dog. To dry a dog properly we recommend Doggy Dry, this product absorbs dirt and moisture very well.