gelatine boluses


The administration of vitamins and minerals to cattle can easily be done by using a bolus. Easy, hygienic and fast. By using the gelatine capsule, it is also possible to add unsavoury ingredients, providing a much more efficient solution for cattle than, for example, a liquid product, which has to be savoury to ensure its absorption.

When a cow or calf is sick or needs extra support, quick results are required. In this case, immediately effective boluses such as calcium, phosphorus and energy boluses offer a solution. However, there are many "immediately effective" tablets and boluses on the market. These can be roughly divided into pressed tablets and gelatine boluses. Since we get a lot of questions about this, we will clearly present the differences below.

A pressed bolus is a hard tablet. It should always be sufficiently hard, otherwise the pressed bolus would already disintegrate into the package or pill-shooter. The pressed bolus only dissolves several hours after administration and the ingredients can only be absorbed gradually. The pressed bolus is therefore NOT ALWAYS an IMMEDIATELY EFFECTIVE BOLUS. In addition, a filler is required for production, which means that a pressed bolus does not contain 100% active ingredients. Finally, heating and pressure during the production process cause damage which, among other things, causes vitamins to lose their effectiveness.

The Gelatine bolus is a capsule filled with powder. This capsule slides easily into the cow's throat and dissolves very quickly after insertion due to moisture and heat from the rumen. As a result, the active ingredients are immediately released. This process happens within minutes. This makes a gelatine bolus THE IMMEDIATELY EFFECTIVE BOLUS. Another advantage of this bolus is that it consists of 100% active ingredients, which are retained and fully benefit the cow. Furthermore, there are no restrictions regarding the use of active ingredients.