Dental care at Paard Zoekt Baas

Paard Zoekt Baas (Horse looking for owner)
Paard Zoekt Baas is an organisation that lovingly takes care of neglected horses and horses for which their owner can no longer take care. All horses entering Paard Zoekt Baas, are visited by an equine dentist. The dentist also checks as many other horses' teeth as possible, in order to save costs. Once in a while, all horse teeth are checked and the dentist examines about 21 horses in 2 days time. The costs are about € 125.- per horse. Paard zoekt Baas does not have a specific dentist, but has a pool of several equine dentists they can call upon. 
It is always interesting to notice how the horses' behaviour changes immediately after a visit from the dentist. Hooks on teeth not only cause a lot of pain, but also make it difficult to eat. After a visit to the dentist, horses not only eat better, they are also happier. 


One of the horses that is currently being lovingly looked after by Paard Zoekt Baas is the Appaloosa Lucky. Lucky is originally from Belgium and suffers from an advanced stage of moon blindness, which makes him rely on his ears. Unfortunately, also Lucky came in with dental problems. Lucky was suffering from an inflamed molar which had not been treated for 3 years. It was not difficult to find out that Lucky suffered from dental problems, the smell was obvious. The vet removed a large part of the tooth, but because a part of the root is still stuck in the jaw, the inflammation is not gone yet. The last part of the tooth with the root still has to be removed surgically. Lucky will be taken to a specialised clinic on February 25th. Lucky has had a course of antibiotics for the inflammation, which has made him smell a lot less. Until Lucky can be taken to the clinic, he will test Equi Dental Care for us to improve his oral hygiene and to get and keep the infection under control. 

During our visit to Paard Zoekt Baas , we gave Lucky his first dose of Equi Dental Care. He ate it with gusto. We will update you about the results later.