Package Deal - Feather World Toys

Feather World Toys

The breeding season is coming again! Enjoy our feathered friends in the garden, aviary, balcony or indoors! What many people do not know is that birds can be enjoyed all year round in theirs and your immediate environment! It is desirable that this environment also offers play and fun. Just like people, birds like to have fun with something. That is why we have the nicest toys for birds on the market. These toys have been developed together with bird lovers for optimal fun!

Wherever possible, we use natural materials such as: seedling wood, bamboo, coconut and Javan wood. These materials contribute to sustainability within the Feather World range!

Responsible toys for birds from beautiful materials. Featherworld is the brand for those looking for the most beautiful bird toys!

Especially to give the Feather World range the best presentation in the shop, we have a package deal. This package includes not only the toys but also Point Of Sale material for a fantastic overall picture!

This Package Deal consists of:
• Assorted Feather World toys
• Headboard
• 1 Wobbler 
• Footer Banner


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