Package Deal - Nightwalk

Walking the dog safely in the dark

Safety comes first when it comes to evening walks with the dog. That is why we have developed Nightwalk, so that you and your dog are highly visible to other road users!

The Nightwalk products are characterised by fluorescent colours, reflective strips and safety lights. That way your dog is always highly visible in the dark, even from long distances. Ideal in winter, during evening walks and on drizzly days.

The Nightwalk line consists of a luminous collar, safety lights (orange and yellow), safety vests for dogs (orange and yellow) and a safety harness with lights for humans.

All Nightwalk products (including the colour variants) are brought together in the package deal. This package deal also includes free POS materials, such as a header card, a centre banner and a TV.

Check out the deal here!

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