Package Deal - Dog Comets Star Cluster


What dog doesn't love playballs? With the Dog Comets Star Cluster package deal, you have a wonderful range of strong and durable play balls in your shop!

This package deal includes our latest tennis balls, the Neutron Star and the Starlight balls. These balls have a thick rubber rim over 1 cm thick, making them virtually indestructible. Ideal for dogs that like to sink their teeth into toys.

In addition, they bounce perfectly and they float fantastically on water. The Neutron Star also has a squeaker in the middle for extra fun while playing!

The package deal also includes Stardust balls, which are made of 100% rubber. They bounce well, float on water and are easy to clean.

This package deal includes free POS material, including a header card, middle banner, TV and USB with product video.



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