Package Deal - Eat Slow Live Longer (Likmatten)


Quick and rushed eating (gobbling) can result in gastric torsion and/or overweight. Symptoms of gastric torsion are: increased salvia production, expansion of the abdominal cavity and false vomiting. In addition, a dog takes in a lot of air when gobbling, which leads to flatulence.

The new way of feeding ensures that dogs or cats receive their food or reward in a playful manner, making gobbling (eating quickly) a thing of the past. A unique way to keep pets moving and to prevent boredom and obesity.

With the Eat Slow Live Longer products, pets will chew better, which has a positive contribution to health and teeth.

Package Deal Eat Slow Live Longer Lick Mats

With this Package Deal from Eat Slow Live Longer, you supply your shop with a wide range of lick mats and related products!

With different shapes, colours and sizes, every owner can find a suitable licking mat for his or her faithful four-legged friend.

Besides licking mats, this package deal includes anti-spill mats, lick bowls and anti-gobble inserts.

This package deal includes free POS material, such as a header card, a retail TV, a USB stick with video and a wobbler.



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