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UNO Vleesvee

€ 9,45

Eat Slow Live Longer Star Grey

With the Eat Slow Live Longer your dog will chew better which has a positive impact on the health of the teeth. SizeSmall: 20 x 20cmLarge: 29,5 x 29,5 cm
from € 12,50

Braaaf Pensstaafjes

Braaaf is made from the finest raw materials and checked daily for quality and hygiene.
from € 2,30
Dog Cat

Boerenwinkel Melkbeker Hond-Kat

Unique Boerenwinkel.nl cups! Collect them all!
€ 9,60
Wasp Fly

Zzoom mint green (Fly Repeller for on the Table)

Your outdoor meal ''free from flies''!The product to repel insects without odors, chemicals or dead flies left on the table. 100% effective to keep insects (flies and wasps) away from your meal. The Zzoom is almost completely silent. Ideal for: camping, picnic, BBQ, outdoor venues, keeping flies away from your wine glass. This fly repeller contains a lamp on the inside so that it's visible during the night.
€ 19,50

Olan Aller-Via-Batt. defense (Dust mite)

AllerVia is the natural solution to flight allergies to dust mits. It's an electronic emitter of ultrasonic waves, that are totally inaudible to the ear of humans and pets, but can interfere with the life cycle of mites by inhibiting their ability to reproduce and / or on the allergens of the fecal pellets. The benefits are progressive and show up after about six weeks of continued use.Coverage60-80 m3. The high-frequency sounds cannot pass through walls or partitions, while the coverage may increase a lot with the bounce of sound on reflection objects such as mirrors. The energy consumption of the product is very low. Size6,5 x 3,5 cm
€ 37,50

Wild Life Cat Blue Butterfly

The unique Wild Life Collection for cats! Filled with 100% premium catnip!
€ 3,95

Disney Minnie Mouse

Disney Minnie MouseDo you absolutely love all these Disney characters? Minnie Mouse is now available as dog toy! They contain an internal squeaker for extra fun. Which Minnie Mouse suits your dog?DISN51164: Small (15 cm) Bal-shapeDISN51170: Medium (33 cm) NormalDISN51157: Large (38 cm) Stick-shape
from € 7,40

Earth Mice 2pack

Let the fun begin! Hunting has started! These mice contain catnip and are made of high quality material. The body is made of cotton, the ears out of soft artificial leather and the tail out of nylon. 
€ 3,60

Deep Ice Gel Sta- / Hangtube

Cooling Gel takes care for muscles, tendons and joints and cooling after you have been working with your horse. Deep Ice contains: Herbs (Menthol, Fresquelate, Iso-propanol en Horse Chestnut).
from € 11,00

Braaaf White rawhide pressed stick

from € 4,25

Disney Tsum Tsum Scar

These great Disney Tsum Tsum characters are now also available for dogs!
from € 7,95