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Kong Phatz

Unique material and texture for chewing fun. Reinforeced construction for added durability. Squak to help entice play.
from € 10,35

Twisted Monster 50cm Rope w/ TPR Handle w/ TPR Bite Zone

Pull, play and quality, that's what this floss toy is all about! It contains TPR rubber and durable floss rope which cleans the dog's teeth.
€ 14,95

Lama & Alpaca's Parex

Llama & Alpaca’s Parex is the 100% natural cleaning product and contributes to a healthy stomach and intestinal flora! Increases the resistance, activates the immune system and contributes to a healthy digestion.
from € 33,50
Ox Horse Sheep Pig

Feed Scoop Plus Bucket Model

Solid plastic feed scoop bucket model. The inside contains a measurement scale.
from € 4,35


Whiskers the Cat is sure to add character and charm to any home or garden. Its quirky look will be a focal point of interest & provoke discussion amongst your friends! • Indoor/outdoor use• Made from 100% recycled steel drums• Each piece hand made and unique• Lacquer finish but will age as steel does with the elements when outside SizeOUTSE11400: Small - 51 x 34 x 52 cmOUTSE11410: Medium - 62 x 37 x 56 cm
from € 255,00
Ox Horse Sheep Pig

Birchmeier Pakkingset DR5

€ 21,20
Dog Cat

Knock Off Stay Away Indoor Spray

Helps prevent pets from being attracted to unwanted places indoors. 
€ 8,95

Maximus Feed & Play

The Maximus feed and treat cube is the way to reward your horse playfully. You can use almost every treat in it. Made of durable plastic. Perfect to fill with Sweet Blocks! Perfect to fill with Sweet Blocks!SWEE002SWEE003SWEE004SWEE005SWEE006
€ 21,50
€ 18,50

Knock Off Mosquito Magnet 7watt

Eliminates mosquitoes from all directions (360°). The Knock Off MosquitoMagnet contains a special blue UV-light and emits a human CO2 scent. The unique combination of UV-light and human scent will make the Knock Off MosquitoMagnet irresistible to mosquitoes. Due to the strong amount of suction, escaping becomes virtually impossible and the mosquitoes are caught and collected in the collection tray underneath the device. Because the mosquitoes are caught alive, this will even attract more mosquitoes to The Knock Off MosquitoMagnet. The Knock Off MosquitoMagnet is economical and efficient in use and covers an area of 100 m2.
€ 69,50

Life Trap Rat 65x17x20cm

Trap to catch rats!Created in collaboration with professionals!
€ 37,50

Vitasporal Horse

Energy Booster of Nutrition and Vitamins. Tasty pasta packed in handy injector.
€ 8,95
€ 7,95

Kong Cushion

This inflatable collar gives your pet the possibility to eat, sleep and play. This is not possible with the traditional cone collars. SizeKONGEN5: XS - 8 up to 18 cmKONGEN3: S - 20 up to 30 cmKONGEN2: M - 33 up to 46 cmKONGEN1: L - 48 up to 61 cmKONGENX: XL - 63 up to 76 cm
from € 19,95