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Kong Puzzlements Hidderz Bird

Play hide and seek with your dog. By pulling its tail, the animal disappears into its hiding place. Contains a squeaker for extra playing fun.
from € 13,00
Poultry Chicken

Pluimvee Voertoren Green Lemon

Poultry feeder. Height: 26 cm Contains: 2 kg
from € 8,00

Drench zak/tank dop los

€ 0,00

CoolPets Ice Fish

Keep your dog cool in the summer while he is having fun at the same time! Fill with water and put  in the freezer. Give it to your dog in frozen condition on a hot summer’s day.  The ice will slowly melt leaving your dog feeling refreshed. Also prevents your dog  from becoming dehydrated.   SizeLength: 17 cm
€ 7,95

Petsport Braided Rasta Man

Puppet made of braided rope and durable Pet Sport USA tennis ball! Very well suited to biting and chewing and cleans your dog's teeth!
from € 8,15

Knot Cotton Rope

Very strong dog toys made of rope. Also cleans your dog's teeth.
from € 1,95

Dog Comets Pallas with Treat Locker Groen

Special treat dispensing toy for your dog made of TPR rubber. Because of the unique design it cleans the teeth and massages the gums. Sizeø 7 cm
€ 17,50


Diton is a unique product. By providing Diton the risk of ketosis will be eliminated after three days. Diton has been a long time favourite for both cattle farmers and experts. Contains a combination of: Glycerin (pharmaceutical), dextrose, potassium, cobalt, niacin, folic acid, white. B12, calcium propionate.
€ 47,50
€ 39,50
Poultry Chicken

Bird Feeder 2 kg (ass. colour)

Bird feeder. Height: 27 cm Contains: 2 kg
€ 11,25

Hentastic Chick Stick Feeder -orange-

Simply hang the feeder at a good pecking height and let the chickens approach the feeder at their own pace, remember it may take them time to adjust to something new. This feeder is a great boredom busting treat, creating a feeding frenzy! Size26 x ø 5 cm
€ 7,95
Mole rat

Mole Trap Farmer Super with chain

Captures the mole in both the corridors and the molehill! 
€ 8,95
€ 7,65