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Rat trap for live-catch. 
The cage is made of durable materials for a long lifespan.

The cage is equipped with a large and a small opening. The large opening is activated once a rat tries take the bait.

Follow the steps below to catch multiple rats. 

  1. Open the large opening.
  2. Place a NARA Bloc, or other bait, to the designated bait holder. 
  3. Focus the trap by connecting the pal to the valve with bait holder. 
  4. The trap is now ready for catching rats. 
  5. Once a rat enters the large opening and tries to take the bait, the locking mechanism will be activated and the valve closes. The valve is equipped with an additional barrier that makes it impossible to escape. 
  6. The rat is trapped.
  7. Now the second, smaller opening will act as a trap for multiple rats. This opening has a special construction that makes it possible to enter the trap without a way back. 
  8. Once one or multiple rats have been captured, the trap can be moved easy and safely thanks to the handle.

Recommended by pest controllers!



18 x 36 x 12  cm

Trap for live catch rat multi catch

Size 1 st
Article code VAL0010
Description Trap for live catch rat multi catch
Min. order quantity 1
Order per 1
Price incl. 21% VAT
€ 22,50 / 1 st

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